And the split!!

They were really close friends. A little gang of 2 girls and a guy, Isha, Vishakha and Sidharth.

Like a family,they understood each other.  

Isha and sid started dating, for vishakha it was really sweet to see them fall in love. They loved each other but they used to fight alot. Vishakha was the one who resolved their silly,cute fights.

After some time Isha and Sid broke up, Sid started flirting with Vishakha, Vishakha took it in healthy way and never reacted the way Sid wanted it to be.

And soon Sid proposed vishakha to be his girlfriend, Vishakha was now interested in Sid, his flirtings now made her day.

She could feel her love for Sid, but Sid warned her not to tell anything to Isha.

But vishakha wanted to keep things clear and transparent and one day she decided to tell everything to Isha.

And that was the last day when she had her friends, Isha and Sid.

Till date, Vishakha has no clue what wrong she did? 

Why does a girl trusts a guy more than a girl?

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Work life balance? Duhh!!

What is work life balance?

The division of one’s time and focus between work and family/ leisure activities. 

Work life balance is very important. As they say “All work and no play,makes jack a dull boy”.

To be active,fit and happy we need to maintain our work life balance.

But do we have any? For me its a big NO.

The reason of this imbalance is not always our organisations, which make us work on odd timings or the stay backs we do, its also because of the travel time.

It takes so much time to go to office and then from office to home, everyday we spend minimum of two hours travelling. And this travel time is total waste.

In those 2 hours, we could have studied, took a walk or exercised, met up with people, there are ‘n’ number of things to do rather than sitting in traffic.

We face so much traffic which again distorts our work life balance.

  • We keep sitting idle for hours.
  • We cannot drink water while in traffic, no washrooms near by.
  • Our work suffers and sometimes we need to stay back for the time wasted in traffic.
  • It causes fatigue which reduces the productivity.

I wish there was an “Any where door” to go to places without wasting any time.

Happy valentines day to all the couples who got stuck in the traffic and came back home fighting.

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The valentines poem!!

If he does whatever you say .. don’t let him go!

If he gives you foot massage when you get tiered.. don’t let him go!

If he wants you to meet his parents.. don’t let him go!
If he makes you shop whenever you wish to.. don’t let him go!

If he eats whatever you want to eat.. don’t let him go!

If you want to drink and he doesn’t drink, still lets you drink.. don’t let him go!

If his hugs relaxes you.. don’t let him go!

If he supports you to study, work harder.. don’t let him go!

If he comes to pick you up from work.. don’t let him go!

If he texts you back while watching cricket or playing his xbox games.. don’t let him go!

If he lets you wear the kind of clothes you want to wear.. don’t let him go!

If he shares his favourite frenchfries with you.. don’t let him go!

If he lets you drive his car.. don’t let him go!

If he gets a bouquet of red roses for you and take them back home because you can’t take them to your home.. don’t let him go!

If he drives you crazy.. don’t let him go!


Happy Valentines!!

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Chalna he zindagi hai!!!

Going on and on is the key. A stopage can stop you from completing your journey to achieve something that you were about to achieve.

The first vehicle we learn to ride on road  is a bicycle, the first ride gives us a guide to life.

The first push is always hard, when you pedal at first, it takes much energy than the second pedal.

But once you pedal continuously one after other, it becomes smooth and easy. It will take you somewhile to completely stop if you stop pedalling.

But when you want to move again its really hard to push back again because energy and motivation is not the same as was in the beginning.

Same is the story of life, when we start something new, the first few days are tough, and then our hard work starts paying off soon it becomes monotonous.

And we get bored of it, we stop doing our tasks thinking let it be. 

That is when we fall. We loose the balance when we stop making an effort. 

You will never have this day.. this time back.. 

So make it count !!

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6 Reasons why we love and hate summers

Reasons why we love summers

  1. Easy to manage wardrobe
  2. Ice creams
  3. No need to put on multiple layers of clothes
  4. Summer clothes are low cost as compared to winters
  5. Bright and long days in summers
  6. No need to maintain cold and hot water equilibrium while shower

Reasons why we hate summers

  1. Summers brings in the waxing season which is too painful
  2. Tanning 😢
  3. Stinky and sweaty bodies
  4. We can’t live without air conditioners
  5. Electricity bills go to high
  6. No more hiding belly fat in jackets- Need to tonne up


It is to care, to share, to live and to give in life 

Love is magic !!

“You will never know love unless your surrender to it”

The feeling is different. The sense of attachment you feel for that person, is so strong that you can actually feel butterflies in your stomach

It is definately not what happens in our TV serials. You will never feel the wind as soon as you see the person.

Love is when you are happy with your mate’s success with no feeling of jealously.

It is promise to be together in both good and bad times.

Love is not just celebrating valentines day, but celebrating your life together.

No matter what don’t ever count the things the other person has not done for you. You never know how much efforts, he/she be making for you.

When a man says I bought you house, clothes, jewellery ; what have you done for me? She wakes up early for him to feed him good food, took care of his kids, did everything to please him and viceversa.

A relationship can never be one-sided, else its not love.

When you love someone, you have to love both the good and bad things about that person.

Don’t hold back, let it go when you feel bad. Don’t let ego destroy your relationship.

Go for outings atleast twice a year, spend on yourself, don’t run after money, start loving your life and your family.