Opinion or drift?

When a relationship is new, there are too many topics to discuss, people can talk for hours without getting bored or tiered.

But, slowly steadily the list of topics starts decreasing.

Is it because they have discussed everything?

May be. But how?  Every day is a new day, the gossips can never end, everyday something different happens then why the conversation duration falls?

There are a lot of things to tell to your partner, do you tell everything to your partner? I feel the answer is No!

With each passing day we start observing each other, we know the reaction to be received by your partner.

And when the reaction is not the way we expect, we tend to hide things from them.

Who wants to be judged?

Who wants to be called a bad decision maker?

Everyone has a different view point, maybe they are right but the feeling of being called wrong for something you were sure isn’t that good.

How can a mere reaction cause a drift in a relationship?

Believe it or not; this is a fact!

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Though we are together but we don’t talk the way we used to.

There was a time, when we chated for hours, without any ‘or btao’.

We love each other but we don’t have anything to talk about, may be because we have different lines of work.

After our busy schedules, in the little free time, he feels playing video games or watching a film or series is more interesting than talking to me.

For hours my messages are left unread.

And there is nothing I can do to make it better. I don’t know from where to bring interesting topics in conversation.

I don’t want to complain, because I know he is busy struggling to set his career.

I know I am his love and will always be, but I don’t know why I am not able to digest the fact that may be he is just busy and not ignoring me.

When I wake up in the morning he is the first person I think about but I am not definitely the first person he thinks about in the morning. 

Am i overthinking? I don’t know!

Am I insecure? I don’t know!

But definitely I am going crazy!

I try to be busy and not overthink, but I can’t even smile the day we don’t talk.

I met him by chance but I don’t want to lose him my any chance!

“A lesson I wish I had learnt sooner in my life”

I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids, 2 daughters and a son. Son being the youngest.

I was always dependent on my father when I was unmarried, then I was dependent on my husband after getting married and now I am dependent on my kids.

It feels really bad when you have to ask others for everything, I always wanted to work, wanted to open a boutique, the things people learn from fashion schools, those skills were in built in me. I could design and stitch my own suits, beautiful frocks for my daughter, when no one taught me how to even stitch. 

When I was unmarried, my father forced me to get married at an early age, I had hardly completed my graduation, I refused to get married in the beginning but I wasn’t strong to keep on my words, I had to do it for my parents happiness.

And then when I got married, my life turned upside down, my in-laws were not supportive including my husband, before completing a year of marriage I gave birth to a girl child. I had to all the household work, take care of my daughter. My in-laws were bad to even my little daughter. I couldn’t leave her and go out for work, I though to leave her in a crèche but even that couldn’t serve the purpose.

And later my husband wanted me to look after home and kids.

But now I have realised how important it is to be self dependent and self-reliant. I wish I had fought with my father to study and work and not get married so early. If my in laws were not supportive I should have had given my aim a proper direction rather than family planning and later shouldn’t have had agreed my husband for everything. Now I am a weak and old body left  with with so many what ifs.

Now I wish my daughters to be self dependent, I want them to start working and earn good before they get married. I made them learn to drive car, scooty, fought with my husband, to let them be whatever they want to be.

I don’t want my daughters to suffer like me. To make their lives better and not as vulnerable as mine. No matter anyone support them for their decisions or not, I will always be there for them.

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How I met my best friend!!

It was not a good day in college.I was coming back home from college with my friends. 

We were travelling in a bus jam packed, we barely had any place to stand. In the crowd, there was a girl who was in my tution but in different batch. She was a passout from so called elite school of my city.

The other people I knew from that school who were in my college were with high standards and would never travel in a bus (public transport), so I was telling the same to my friends, and from no where I heard a voice, I am from the same school and I am travelling in a bus, what is the problem? 

I was furious, and I was like “who are you? And why are you so much interested in our conversation, mind yout own business”, but I couldn’t be rude, so instead I replied to him that the people I know are like that. And then all the question answers continued till my stop.

And then I could find him in the same bus everyday, he was annoying, I saw him twice or thrice and then I changed my timings to avoid him.

When I met him the second time, he offered me seat in the bus and continued talking. I was little irritated but continued talking.

When I saw him the third time in the bus and he tried talking to me, I ignored him. 

We were already facebook friends by then, I ignored his texts on facebook too.

And then after years I made a text to him, but this time I was a different person and when I chated with him, he was really funny. I never laugh at kapil sharma’s jokes because I am too  ‘Sadu’ but I laughed on his crazy PJs (poor jokes), and he became that one guy I could talk the entire day, a very emotional and sensitive guy who chose to follow his passion leaving behind a job that is dream for many (even for me).

And this is how I met my best friend. How can anyone talk in a bus, and make friends is what I think of all the time when I talk to him. And may be this was the reason I never willingly talked to him for 4 long years.

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“What you didn’t have then, 

Is what you have achieved now.

What you had then,

Is what you want now but can’t get that back.

The vicious circle that goes on and on and never stops!!”

I miss my school and college.

Though, giving exams, making assignments was tough but it was better.

I always wanted to earn money to buy branded clothes,nice heels, stylish bags etc etc. during the school/college days.

Now when I am old, worried and spending my life working like crazy I wish to go back and sleep, just sleep.

When I was a kid, my mum used to make me sleep in afternoon forcefully.

When I had the time I hated sleeping..And now when I want to sleep..I don’t have time.

Hangout plans were instant and easy back then, which is next to impossible now.

Do you feel the same ?? Yes?? No??

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How about a “Second Opinion”.. kisi se puchu ya nahi ??

What is second opinion?

When you want to eat mix veg but the option of palak paneer is equally interesting, and you can go for only one sabji, and you ask from someone else “What to eat?” knowing the fact that you want to eat mix veg more than palak paneer is the explanation of second opinion is laymen’s language.

And when the second person says yes, lets eat mix veg, is the opinion which matters because you know it is your choice and you are just reaffirming your decision.

How much importance it has in our day to day life?

We always doubt on our capabilities and we seek the advice of an expert to guide us i.e., counselling.When an expert assist us we gain confidence. The feeling of confidence gets boosted up with second opinion.

Why do we need it?

We need it because the question log kya kahenge? gets resolved.

We need it because we want someone else to tell us how strong we are.

As they say, you feel beautiful when someone else compliments you.

There is no harm in taking second opinion. Infact, this is the best decision to discuss your thoughts and imagination with someone else.

Second opinion leads to support  and motivation in many cases, which are very important for success in any endeavour 

I always seek second opinion, actually I go for even the fourth & fifth opinion 🙈😛

And the move on!!

Isha, vishakha and sid were in class 12th when all this happened!

Vishakha was really unhappy, her school was over by now.As she had no friends other than Isha and Sid.

For around 4 months, there was no one to talk to her, except her family. 

Vishakha’s family used to ask her why Isha and sid are not talking to her? Vishakha had nothing to answer as she was in the same doubt.

 It was a tough time because of the split as well as deciding what to do in future, how to get in a good college.

She gave many entrace exams, and by chance for an exam Isha and Vishakha shared same examination centre and there she saw Isha and sid coming together, but sid was not appearing for exam, he accompanied her, leaving vishakha confused how they started dating again.

After the tough time, Vishakha got in a good college where she got the chance to interact with people and make new friends

Eventually, she forgot everything and got carried away with her new life. But deep inside she never wanted to trust any one again. 

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