Opinion or drift?

When a relationship is new, there are too many topics to discuss, people can talk for hours without getting bored or tiered.

But, slowly steadily the list of topics starts decreasing.

Is it because they have discussed everything?

May be. But how?  Every day is a new day, the gossips can never end, everyday something different happens then why the conversation duration falls?

There are a lot of things to tell to your partner, do you tell everything to your partner? I feel the answer is No!

With each passing day we start observing each other, we know the reaction to be received by your partner.

And when the reaction is not the way we expect, we tend to hide things from them.

Who wants to be judged?

Who wants to be called a bad decision maker?

Everyone has a different view point, maybe they are right but the feeling of being called wrong for something you were sure isn’t that good.

How can a mere reaction cause a drift in a relationship?

Believe it or not; this is a fact!

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