“A lesson I wish I had learnt sooner in my life”

I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids, 2 daughters and a son. Son being the youngest.

I was always dependent on my father when I was unmarried, then I was dependent on my husband after getting married and now I am dependent on my kids.

It feels really bad when you have to ask others for everything, I always wanted to work, wanted to open a boutique, the things people learn from fashion schools, those skills were in built in me. I could design and stitch my own suits, beautiful frocks for my daughter, when no one taught me how to even stitch. 

When I was unmarried, my father forced me to get married at an early age, I had hardly completed my graduation, I refused to get married in the beginning but I wasn’t strong to keep on my words, I had to do it for my parents happiness.

And then when I got married, my life turned upside down, my in-laws were not supportive including my husband, before completing a year of marriage I gave birth to a girl child. I had to all the household work, take care of my daughter. My in-laws were bad to even my little daughter. I couldn’t leave her and go out for work, I though to leave her in a crèche but even that couldn’t serve the purpose.

And later my husband wanted me to look after home and kids.

But now I have realised how important it is to be self dependent and self-reliant. I wish I had fought with my father to study and work and not get married so early. If my in laws were not supportive I should have had given my aim a proper direction rather than family planning and later shouldn’t have had agreed my husband for everything. Now I am a weak and old body left  with with so many what ifs.

Now I wish my daughters to be self dependent, I want them to start working and earn good before they get married. I made them learn to drive car, scooty, fought with my husband, to let them be whatever they want to be.

I don’t want my daughters to suffer like me. To make their lives better and not as vulnerable as mine. No matter anyone support them for their decisions or not, I will always be there for them.

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