How I met my best friend!!

It was not a good day in college.I was coming back home from college with my friends. 

We were travelling in a bus jam packed, we barely had any place to stand. In the crowd, there was a girl who was in my tution but in different batch. She was a passout from so called elite school of my city.

The other people I knew from that school who were in my college were with high standards and would never travel in a bus (public transport), so I was telling the same to my friends, and from no where I heard a voice, I am from the same school and I am travelling in a bus, what is the problem? 

I was furious, and I was like “who are you? And why are you so much interested in our conversation, mind yout own business”, but I couldn’t be rude, so instead I replied to him that the people I know are like that. And then all the question answers continued till my stop.

And then I could find him in the same bus everyday, he was annoying, I saw him twice or thrice and then I changed my timings to avoid him.

When I met him the second time, he offered me seat in the bus and continued talking. I was little irritated but continued talking.

When I saw him the third time in the bus and he tried talking to me, I ignored him. 

We were already facebook friends by then, I ignored his texts on facebook too.

And then after years I made a text to him, but this time I was a different person and when I chated with him, he was really funny. I never laugh at kapil sharma’s jokes because I am too  ‘Sadu’ but I laughed on his crazy PJs (poor jokes), and he became that one guy I could talk the entire day, a very emotional and sensitive guy who chose to follow his passion leaving behind a job that is dream for many (even for me).

And this is how I met my best friend. How can anyone talk in a bus, and make friends is what I think of all the time when I talk to him. And may be this was the reason I never willingly talked to him for 4 long years.



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