“What you didn’t have then, 

Is what you have achieved now.

What you had then,

Is what you want now but can’t get that back.

The vicious circle that goes on and on and never stops!!”

I miss my school and college.

Though, giving exams, making assignments was tough but it was better.

I always wanted to earn money to buy branded clothes,nice heels, stylish bags etc etc. during the school/college days.

Now when I am old, worried and spending my life working like crazy I wish to go back and sleep, just sleep.

When I was a kid, my mum used to make me sleep in afternoon forcefully.

When I had the time I hated sleeping..And now when I want to sleep..I don’t have time.

Hangout plans were instant and easy back then, which is next to impossible now.

Do you feel the same ?? Yes?? No??



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