How about a “Second Opinion”.. kisi se puchu ya nahi ??

What is second opinion?

When you want to eat mix veg but the option of palak paneer is equally interesting, and you can go for only one sabji, and you ask from someone else “What to eat?” knowing the fact that you want to eat mix veg more than palak paneer is the explanation of second opinion is laymen’s language.

And when the second person says yes, lets eat mix veg, is the opinion which matters because you know it is your choice and you are just reaffirming your decision.

How much importance it has in our day to day life?

We always doubt on our capabilities and we seek the advice of an expert to guide us i.e., counselling.When an expert assist us we gain confidence. The feeling of confidence gets boosted up with second opinion.

Why do we need it?

We need it because the question log kya kahenge? gets resolved.

We need it because we want someone else to tell us how strong we are.

As they say, you feel beautiful when someone else compliments you.

There is no harm in taking second opinion. Infact, this is the best decision to discuss your thoughts and imagination with someone else.

Second opinion leads to support  and motivation in many cases, which are very important for success in any endeavour 

I always seek second opinion, actually I go for even the fourth & fifth opinion 🙈😛


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