And the move on!!

Isha, vishakha and sid were in class 12th when all this happened!

Vishakha was really unhappy, her school was over by now.As she had no friends other than Isha and Sid.

For around 4 months, there was no one to talk to her, except her family. 

Vishakha’s family used to ask her why Isha and sid are not talking to her? Vishakha had nothing to answer as she was in the same doubt.

 It was a tough time because of the split as well as deciding what to do in future, how to get in a good college.

She gave many entrace exams, and by chance for an exam Isha and Vishakha shared same examination centre and there she saw Isha and sid coming together, but sid was not appearing for exam, he accompanied her, leaving vishakha confused how they started dating again.

After the tough time, Vishakha got in a good college where she got the chance to interact with people and make new friends

Eventually, she forgot everything and got carried away with her new life. But deep inside she never wanted to trust any one again. 

Please for more!!


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