And the split!!

They were really close friends. A little gang of 2 girls and a guy, Isha, Vishakha and Sidharth.

Like a family,they understood each other.  

Isha and sid started dating, for vishakha it was really sweet to see them fall in love. They loved each other but they used to fight alot. Vishakha was the one who resolved their silly,cute fights.

After some time Isha and Sid broke up, Sid started flirting with Vishakha, Vishakha took it in healthy way and never reacted the way Sid wanted it to be.

And soon Sid proposed vishakha to be his girlfriend, Vishakha was now interested in Sid, his flirtings now made her day.

She could feel her love for Sid, but Sid warned her not to tell anything to Isha.

But vishakha wanted to keep things clear and transparent and one day she decided to tell everything to Isha.

And that was the last day when she had her friends, Isha and Sid.

Till date, Vishakha has no clue what wrong she did? 

Why does a girl trusts a guy more than a girl?

Please for more!!


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