Work life balance? Duhh!!

What is work life balance?

The division of one’s time and focus between work and family/ leisure activities. 

Work life balance is very important. As they say “All work and no play,makes jack a dull boy”.

To be active,fit and happy we need to maintain our work life balance.

But do we have any? For me its a big NO.

The reason of this imbalance is not always our organisations, which make us work on odd timings or the stay backs we do, its also because of the travel time.

It takes so much time to go to office and then from office to home, everyday we spend minimum of two hours travelling. And this travel time is total waste.

In those 2 hours, we could have studied, took a walk or exercised, met up with people, there are ‘n’ number of things to do rather than sitting in traffic.

We face so much traffic which again distorts our work life balance.

  • We keep sitting idle for hours.
  • We cannot drink water while in traffic, no washrooms near by.
  • Our work suffers and sometimes we need to stay back for the time wasted in traffic.
  • It causes fatigue which reduces the productivity.

I wish there was an “Any where door” to go to places without wasting any time.

Happy valentines day to all the couples who got stuck in the traffic and came back home fighting.

If you can relate to us please comment, share and like !!


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