Chalna he zindagi hai!!!

Going on and on is the key. A stopage can stop you from completing your journey to achieve something that you were about to achieve.

The first vehicle we learn to ride on road  is a bicycle, the first ride gives us a guide to life.

The first push is always hard, when you pedal at first, it takes much energy than the second pedal.

But once you pedal continuously one after other, it becomes smooth and easy. It will take you somewhile to completely stop if you stop pedalling.

But when you want to move again its really hard to push back again because energy and motivation is not the same as was in the beginning.

Same is the story of life, when we start something new, the first few days are tough, and then our hard work starts paying off soon it becomes monotonous.

And we get bored of it, we stop doing our tasks thinking let it be. 

That is when we fall. We loose the balance when we stop making an effort. 

You will never have this day.. this time back.. 

So make it count !!

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