It is to care, to share, to live and to give in life 

Love is magic !!

“You will never know love unless your surrender to it”

The feeling is different. The sense of attachment you feel for that person, is so strong that you can actually feel butterflies in your stomach

It is definately not what happens in our TV serials. You will never feel the wind as soon as you see the person.

Love is when you are happy with your mate’s success with no feeling of jealously.

It is promise to be together in both good and bad times.

Love is not just celebrating valentines day, but celebrating your life together.

No matter what don’t ever count the things the other person has not done for you. You never know how much efforts, he/she be making for you.

When a man says I bought you house, clothes, jewellery ; what have you done for me? She wakes up early for him to feed him good food, took care of his kids, did everything to please him and viceversa.

A relationship can never be one-sided, else its not love.

When you love someone, you have to love both the good and bad things about that person.

Don’t hold back, let it go when you feel bad. Don’t let ego destroy your relationship.

Go for outings atleast twice a year, spend on yourself, don’t run after money, start loving your life and your family.



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