I’ll be there for you : FRIENDS

Friend : a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

Friends love each other mutually.

But what happens if that love happens to be one sided ??

Easy, there is no friendship, it is a favour from the other side.

Since childhood, I have been craving for few good friends. 

The people with whom I can go out, eat, click pictures, go for shopping, nighstays etc etc.

Everytime I meet someone, I tend to take care of them thinking that may be they will take care of me the same way.

 But I am always empty handed in the end.

I want to feel how squad feels like.

It is easy to make guys as friends, but making girl as your friend is the really tough for girls.

May be not!! But for me it has always been difficult, actually impossible.

My once upon a time best friend for me (but not for her) uploading pictures of her new best friend, makes me feel even worse.

I think a little different as compared to people around me. May be the reason why I don’t make up good friends – Feels better !!


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