Do you smoke ?? No..I use vaseline

When everyone used lip glosses to have pink lips, I used to be very happy to have naturally pink lips.

I just had to apply little vaseline and my lips looked better than everyone around me.

But slowly, I lost my luscious pink lips and they started turning dark.. dark and darker.

People started asking me if I smoke?

When lips turn dark, beautiful shades of lipsticks doesn’t look beautiful any more.

After all the research and google, I got to know that they turned dark because of my all time favourite vaseline petroleum jelly.

Why they darken the lips?? 

Because petroleum jelly attracts UV rays

I used to feel that it is safe, and I am saving myself from the harmful effects of cosmetics. But I was totally wrong.

Raunak ki dibiya as their advertisement says was not at all raunak ki dibiya for me. Infact, it took  all my raunak away from me.

I have now started applying almond oil, coconut oil on my lips when they dry.

And believe me they are so much better than petroleum jelly.

Atleast these oils like  Coconut oil is edible whereas vaseline is itended for topical use only. 

When it is said a woman in her life time eats 7 pounds of lipsticks, I don’t know how much vaseline I ate till now.

So start avoiding petroleum jelly before someone questions you, Do you smoke?

And this is my true story.

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