Please don’t judge me by roti!!

It took me more than a year. With all the dedication I finally achieved it.

Everyone said “Who will marry you?” You have to do this.

What I had to do was to”Make a round chappati”

Every woman once in a life time hears this taunt, “Teri saas kya kahegi Maa ne roti bnani b ni sikhai?”
Making a round chappati is a matter of perfection.

In today’s world where competition to study, get in a good college, earn more and more ; we are judged on the basis of the shape of our chappati

But what it really matters? 

What if roti isn’t round? Would it not serve the same purpose of satisfying hunger and providing nutrients.

No matter what I am upto.. What my income is…. I was supposed to learn making a round chappati.

The eye catchy things are given so much importance. Fake world !!

Shared by – a girl who was getting married.

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