Prudence or Hindrance (savdhani ya rok-tok)

I don’t know if it is good or bad to watch Savdhan India / Crime Patrol kind of TV shows but these shows have certainly made my life behind the bars.

The biggest task in planning and execution of an outing with friends is seeking permission from parents.

They are always full of so many questions like why are you going? With whom you are going? Is it necessary to meet your friend? 

This was already intolerable, but thanks to savdhan india for making it even more cumbersome.

My father loves watching Savdhan India, so much that he has never missed a single episode.

Everytime I turn up to my parents for permission they’ll say ,Its dangerous to go out, don’t you know ‘mahol kitna kharab h?’

And when I fight back to let me go, they get so emotional, that I am left with only option to say No to the plan.

Is that entertainment,prudence or hindrance?? 

More than awareness people watch it for entertainment, or they get ideas on how to be a criminal.

For me its a hindrance Because I don’t get permission.

Many a times the serial killers are so intelligent and it leaves us thinking ‘Is that even possible?’ 

Sometimes I feel these serial killers could be NASA scientists, they are too damn smart.

Shared by a frustrated late teenager to author

Author’s comments– Soo true!! Please comment if you feel the same



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