I hate you..Like i love you!!

I never wanted her.. But now she is my life.

My life is incomplete without my baby sister.

I never wanted to share the love and care of my parents with anyone. 
She taught me sharing, from a packet of blue lays to love of my parents. We shared it all happiely.

She loves blue lays till now. 

I love her like a mother, talk to her as friend, guide her like father, protect her like a brother.

I always make sure, to let her get everything she dreams of.

I was just 4 when she was born, but I gave her a beautiful name and she loves it.

She is a big time sample. When I get mad on her, she would start doing kiddish things, calling me ‘badi behn sorry!’ makes me laugh.

Though I hate her crazy cheezy acts but I tend to forgive her.

I remember every detail of the day when she was born, even the minute details like which ‘dal’ was cooked.
Sometimes I feel I don’t need a best friend, because I already have one as my sister.

Shared to author by an elder sister

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