“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it”

It is easy to say but hard to achieve. Its easy to judge but hard to prove. 

It is difficult to be strong enough to let go your fear/pains but try untill you succeed.

For me my biggest fear was when i got bullied for being short.

I am not tall and for this reason i was always called with bad names, they made it so terrible for me that cute names like ‘lilliput’ started ruining me from inside. It made me hesitant.

I started avoiding people. I started feeling that everyone will make fun of me.

It made me feel so bad that even now when I hear those words, I feel something is burning inside me and that is my chilhood.

When I grew up, these things started fading away, may be because I met better people who respected me.

What I learned after all these years of embarrassment was “they will tease you as long as you get hurt of their acts, the moment you start ignoring them is the moment you start feeling better”

To truly laugh- Do not fake your laughter

Start taking your pain- Accept the challenges 

Play with it – Enjoy the challenges

Happy life is everyone’s dream, we need to think about more important things in life rather getting stuck to one thing.

Small steps are the key to overcome your fears.

It is difficult to learn a tough subject, but it is possible.

There are many important things to do, learn how to fill colours in your life.

Focus on your goals. Let go your past. Smile at your mistakes. Do not overthink.


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