Behind every unsuccessful woman there is…!!

“I want to do something.. I want to be famous .. I want to make my life better..”

The answer she gets is… what you can do? You don’t have talent..Do what you are made for.. be a good wife and bear kids..Or in the polite way.. the answer is that people are mean, you are safe at home

So there is an entire world who is against a woman with dreams.

The simplest example of trust can be depicted through driving. We are good drivers but still we are made fun of. Where some women are bad drivers , some men too are bad drivers.

In case of a couple where both husband and wife are working and husband has to go to abroad for work, in most of the cases his wife accompanies him, leaving her carreer and opportunities behind.And then people say its good to be with your man, living alone is very difficult.

But, if the same chance is given to a woman, there is rarely any chance of husband leaving everything behind for her.

Why these people don’t comment then, stay  with your wife, they would rather say “Go for a month or so and then comeback, there is nothing without a family”

Her decision to is always criticized, even if she stays for her carreer and her husband goes away for work, she is supposed to take care of his family.

She is expected not to visit her parents often.

I had a friend of mine, she wanted to be an engineer. She had a younger brother, and he also wanted to be an engineer but they had low income. And she had to drop her plan and later studied commerce so that her brother can pursue his dreams because her parents wanted him to be an engineer.

Most of the parents feel that their daughter will get married , then what is the need to make her study so much rather save for her wedding.

Why they don’t think.. that she can earn well with her education.. and she can herself save for her wedding and live a better life ahead.

Be strong to live your dreams !!!


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