Online shopping.. OH NO NO…!!!

Shopping can make day bright and mood better. Its the best thing to do.

Shopping can be online and offline.

Shopping online is much easier these days as compared to offline.

Download the app, apply filter, make your choice , pay for it and its done.

I love shopping because it is fun and it is that one thing which solves the problem “What to wear?” 

But I don’t feel like shopping online anymore especially from myntra. 

The one app which was always my favourite was myntra, I used to shop so much from there.

The delivery guy could recognise me

But now I hate shopping online for many reasons.

  1. Delivery Charge – Even after ordering for more than 10K, I had to pay of delivery charge. Previously, there was no such charge for shopping above Rs.1000 (approx.)
  2. Vat/ Tax – Even after high discounts, the value of the product is high because of the tax. In stores, they don’t levy extra charge (many stores)
  3. Delivery time – It took a week to get my order, the timeline of delivery has been increased.
  4. Not at all paisa vasool – Even if you return your orders, you pay for delivery charge.
  5. Sale with server issues – There are always server issues with shopping sites, when you are finally able to log in , most of the items are alreay sold out or the sizes are gone.

Most importantly, it doesn’t keep you updated with new trends.

When you go to shop offline, it is fun.

You get to see the trends, its a fun day out.

It gives the opportunity to meet friends (shop together) .

We can feel the material ,try without fear of delivery/ vat charge.

So.. Stop being a lazy bum..Cheer up.. Get dressed.. Get out of your comfort zone(home) .. And have fun!!


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