Story of a Wedding Card

A wedding invitation card is prepared with all the tenderness,love and care.

Each and every detail is checked many times before getting it printed. Beautiful colours and designs are selected as the invitation card is a small presentation of how the wedding will be.

Heavier and glossier the wedding card, higher is the expectation of luxury of the wedding.

But why? What it brings? Its just an expression that you are most welcome to the wedding.

After the wedding is over, what is the use of the wedding invitation card. If i talk about all other expenses incurred in a wedding like designer dresses, jewellery etc, these things are a memory which can be seen later in the photographs.

I have never seen any photographer clicking the picture of an invitation card, but they do cover the dress, engagement rings, even the footwears  beautifully.

And when we receive the card, what we do?

 We can throw it in the dustbin.

But NO, we don’t throw it in the dustbin, because all the invitation cards have some religious symbols on it. And we are too ‘aastik’ to throw the symbol of religion in dustbin.

So what exactly we do? We store all the cards in a polythene and throw them in a river.

When i searched on google “How to dispose the wedding card” the suggested  answer was to throw it into a river.

Why are we polluting our rivers? God doesn’t say to throw waste in the beauty of nature.

The cards which are made with love is left like a waste and make pure water waste too.

A modern day card should not be like this, It should only convey the message of wedding day, time and venue. 

God will understand the reason why his image is not printed.

He will give his blessings without his symbol on the card as much as he will if there is a symbol.


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