Goa mata ka bulava..

Go Goa.. No Goaa!!

I so want to go Goa, but everytime it becomes No Goa.

My trip to goa has become trip to vaishno devi.

“Jab tak mata ka bulawa ni aata, tb tk koi vaishno devi/Goa ni aa skta”

Its a dream now, to visit goa. As far as travelling and vaccations are concerned my journey is been too boring, I have never taken a trip with friends, not even in college.

Going out with family was also limited restricted to nani ghar jana (punjab) or to a religious place.

Ek to plan ni bnta, plan bnta h to permission ni milti, or permission mil jati h to plan cancel hojata 

I want to wear the sexy sexy dresses and go to beach, click thousands of pictures, watch the sunset, play with sand, water sports, clubbing etc etc.

I want to do lots of shopping buy beach wear and be happy.

I hate the peak season when as soon as you scroll your facebook/ instagram all you see is Goa ka check in.

It feels like band kro facebook or sojao 😋


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