My chaddi buddy…

We shared toys, classroom, food etc etc. She was my chaddi buddy and then we lost touch as me and my parents moved to another home.

She was my neighbour, she was around me every time. But after we changed our place gradually we lost touch. Our sections changed, friends and preferences changed.

But before that everything was so good. I was really intolerable, i never wanted to eat anything but with her it was no big deal to finish my chappati. I loved her company. When it was the first day of my school, i was expecting she will join it the same day. But when i entered the classroom she was not there, i was crying badly not because i had to go to school but because she was not there.

I still remember everything we used to do. One day we were playing hide and seek with other kids of the society and we both got locked in a store room of my house. We did lots of mischieves together.

And then we parted ways, we began to be normal friends from best friends and then she left the school for doing some diploma course.

We had no cellphone to contact at that time , later I tried to find her on facebook but i was never able to.

But today all of a sudden i met an aunty who lived near to our place and she told me that..

My chuddi buddy got married and is now a momy. She used to say ” me to bhaut dance krngi jab meri shadi hogi” but getting married so early… huhuhh!!!!

Well she got married because she had no choice I guess !! How things change..

 I look like a kid and she has a kid.

I am feeling so much better. I always hated my life but  i am living better life. I have the chance to prove myself.

Hope to meet you someday!!!👭👭


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