Office POlitics

Today i felt what really office politics is. I am standing all alone and my whole team is against me, just because they are not able to think out of the box, the way i am thinking.

Our team used be a great team, we used to chirp together , eat together, work together. But because of few changes in the organisation people started getting jealous. 

There is that girl who is spreading so much negative for me. She has made my life in office so bad. I don’t know why but this is true “ek ldki dusri ldki ka kabi bhala ni krskti” atleast in this case.

I am on face , what I am from inside and due to that people dislike me. Why they don’t understand that I am not bad. Whatever I do and think is not just for me but for the complete team. But that one girl has turned evil to me and she is turing everyone on her side.

Frankly, I am not used to this ‘side’ wala funda. I am someone for whom it is difficult to gel up with girls, it is easier for me to be friends with guys.

I am tiered of making everyone understand me. All i want is a healthy and happy environment.

Uff!! I hate you girl !!! I hate you!!!


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