Meri friend CA bn gyi…

We were 4 girls who used to commute together to college and way back home…Guess what two of us are CAs now. And the other two including me are doing our normal average jobs.
I don’t know how in the long run 🏃🏻 it will impact me for not taking any professional course.

When i went in Delhi University, I thought life will be full of roses and no thorns, but that is not true. At every stage there is an exam, you have to pass that with great grades, else you will lose the race. 

Everyone is running, I feel “kab aega time jb lgega.. yes i am living a life, life full of fun and no stress” May be that requires lots of hardwork now and relaxation later.

My parents wanted me to pursue CA but I always had the feeling that i cannot take so much pressure and studing a subject again and again is not my cup of tea.

But considering the money factor.. It is tough digesting the fact that i have lost that race.

I have the dream of buying a super car on my own and I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ ye hoga b ya ni.. Wese i should not lose hopes!!

The best is yet to come!!!!


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