Matrimony wala office

Why workplace is more of a matrimony site???

From your co workers to your manager every one wants to know about your personal life. 🙅🏻

I have my friends who joined the office with hope “yar yaha aake bndi/bnda to patana he h”

Why???? Banda at your workplace??

This is so restrictive ,you always hangout with that special friend and think about them only and if you talk to someother person ,he/she would feel jealous.

What i personally feel is personal and private life should be kept apart.

When you jingle mingle them together both the lives gets impacted. There is no place where you feel happy and satisfied.

Not only this, people become gossip queens, they want to know what you are upto, you actually like someone, what kind of relationship you have???

I have my personal life and i want to keep it that ways only!!


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